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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Jiles- soon to be!
That's Brittney on the left. Sometimes known as bumblebee. That's Phil on the right. Always known as Phil or Phillers. They caught eyes last January at a cookout, or maybe it was February. That's your date to remember Britt, I just have to remember April when me and Mr. Broome caught eyes.
Catching eyes is a funny thing. Its magical and foretelling.
I remember last year when friends threw us a shower. Me and Andy were on the way and nervous. Nervous to be the center of attention, but.. that's what catching eyes will get you into. The center of attention, and some envy too. That's how I see it.
I was a little envious watching Bumblebee and Phil. Their eyes all aglow for the excitement to come. Marriage. Honeymoon. Saturdays sleeping in, snugged up to your "one." Yard work. Kiddos. Growing old.(Yard work really? yes, really.)
Are you a little bit envious of Britt and Phil?
Don't be. You'll find your "one" someday. As a matter of fact some of you already have. As a matter of another fact, some of you just might believe the Lord has it all taken care of. That's what I like to believe.

Enough of that. More of these.
Last years honeymoon attire. Sweet.
Phil getting linked to the ball and chain.
Betsy pouting. As usual.
Britt loved it.

Some of my pretty sorority sisters.
You two are next!

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Mindabelle said...

aw it looks like you guys had such great fun on saturday...its all matt's fault. I was off gettin' engaged! I can't wait for Wilkes and Phil to get married! I'm going to be a teary-eyed mess when I see her in her beautiful wedding dress. I promise I'll be on time for hers...unlike yours kirbs....heh, again..sorry about that.