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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Last night around 10:30, I walked to the back of our house to get something from the bedroom. I heard something outside, machinery of some sort. I looked out my window into the dark night and to my dismay, there was a man in our garden on a tractor. He had a head lamp on and was turning wheelies.
Not really wheelies, but he was circling around in some organized fashion.
IYo went to tell Andy that this man was in the yard doing circles in the garden at 10:30 at night. Andy didn't seem to care.
You see, we have this huge garden/large patch of fertile soil in our yard where corn rows used to grow. Our friend Ryan and his wife are going to plant all kinds of vegetables in it. So. Ryan employed his neighbor friend to come to our house and till up the garden with his tractor.
This I knew.
He had been out there the day before in daylight hours. Normal thing to do. Plow/till a strangers yard in the light of day.
But at night?
This would seem strange to you too, wouldn't it?
So I told Andy that it didn't make any sense for him to be out there that late, given that we could hear him and surely our neighbors could hear him.
And all Mr. Broome had to say about was, "Well, the neighbor folk won't be so mad if they know they can get some vegetables out of it."
Would you trade late night tractor vrooms for veggies? I know, I know Mr. Broome wouldn't.
Mr. Broome, you don't even like vegetables.

*To give a little background on the tractor man: Ryan and Lydia had employed his help for their yard once and woke up to him on his tractor early one morning at 3:30 a.m.
Tractor man is not scared of the dark.


Jennifer said...

K! I did not know you were a blogger. So fun to find you!

Jennifer said...

And by the way...are you really posting at 5:56am...You ain't afraid of the dark either!

Aimes said...

haha this story is great

Anonymous said...

This made me laugh! Its great to see that other people are night owls too.

Brittney said...

This made me laugh! Its great to see that other people are night owls too.