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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Andy and I stayed up on a school night(you can do this when you're grown up!)on Monday. We discovered that Marley and Me was finally on On Demand. We had been checking every weekend. I didn't think this kind of sap story would reel in Mr. Broome because he's a toughie and he likes his action flicks. For some reason though, he wanted to see this one just as much as I did.
So we watched.
It was darling and yes, it'll make you cry.
It'll probably make you cry if you have a dog who you are attached to. Or if you once had a dog as a kiddo and it choked on a chicken bone in the back yard.(What? That was only me??)
As the movie came to an end, we noticed Betsy was not in the room with us. So we hollered for her. We needed our Betsy to love on and appreciate after such an emotional movie hour.
We headed to bed and got all kinds of snugged in when Mr. Broome did a very surprising thing.
Remember now that Betsy is not allowed to sleep on the bed. EVEN though I raised her to sleep with me every night when we were a single mom and pup living in a house full of girls. It was only natural that we facilitate the sleepover feeling given our room mates were girls and their pups were sleeping with them too.
Andy patted the bed twice and said "c'mon Betsy."
She was up and in between us faster than I would be out of bed if a storm were coming.
That's fast.
She layed her mutt head on her daddy's chest and fell asleep. We all three snuggled tight. So tight. Sharing good night breath tight.

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Mindabelle said...

awwwwwwwww that is a truly cutesy story. and I am surprised! Mr. Broome has a soft spot for bestsers!