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Friday, May 15, 2009

B is getting married.
Its her batchelorette party tonight.
Where were going?
What are we doing?

That'll be a story for Monday.

Here is a story for today.

A few weekends ago, Mr. Broome went to play golf. Left to my own, I got up super early and ran my first 10 miler(whoohoo). After my run I was feeling a little deserving. Since no one was there to hand me a gold medal, I decided to meet my mom for a Bluegrass Festival. You know we Georgians love our bluegrass.
So after listening to music, sucking back some Italian ice, and moseying through the handmade stands, I found it.
The bunny game.
Buy a bucket of balls.
Make one ball in the cup and win a bunny.
After 16 tries, I finally made it.
I won a bunny.
and since I was feeling so deserving.. I took it home.
It wasn't until after said bunny was in my arms that I thought about Mr. Broome.
What will Mr. Broome say?
He will not be happy. He will chuck it in the field for Betsy to chase. He will holler at me and ask me what I was thinking.
But he didn't.
He was calm.
He said "no" and got back on his lawn mower.

But I don't take "no" for an answer without pleading.
And it has gotten me where I am today.(this very day)
Does anybody need a lop eared baby bunny??
They poop A LOT.


Amanda said...

Ahhh Kirb I was afraid that was a bad move! Haha! You need the kind of bunny that D found me..the kinda you ouuu and awww over for a few minutes and then return back to the field for him to find his mama (that D scared away with the tractor)...we are getting chickens soon, doesn't that sound fun? They will live outside in their pen so they can poop all they want and mother nature will take care of it! Love you!

Mindabelle said...

ahahahhaa aw poor little bunny boo....its too bad you can't keep it.

Oh and beautiful job with the bachelorette party! I had so much fun!!!! I hope brit did too...i think she did. Next time i'll try to make it before dinner starts! It smelled good... haha. And i'll try not to misspell the bachelorette's sash...especially after her bf (thats you) tells me the right way to spell it!!!

Unknown said...

Chuck it in the field, lol