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Monday, May 18, 2009

B's gettin married.
We had to have a celebration.
To ATL we went.
For dinner at Rosa Mexicana.(The best thing about this place is the diving men wall and over priced guacamole- we loved it.)
Then to Ten Pin Bowling alley. (very swanky, makes for nice pictures, but bring a big group)
It was fabulous. B was glowing when she opened her especially sassy gifts.
Illie entertained us with work stories.

This is the bride. Look at her sash. Do you want to know why we call her bumblebee? That's for another post another day.
The bowling alley. I loved the big, colorful lights. The color scheme was right up Britt's alley.
Give em one shoe take two of theirs.
Me with my bf, the bride, the lady of the night.
The bride and her bridesmaids. Such a lovely group of ladies. Can anyone spot Melinda from I'm not lying?
Whats in those bags? Oh no friend, that for Phil's eyes only.

Saturday, B had another shower. This one included chocolate eclairs(my favorite part) and many gifts for B. I was terribly jealous.
Andy you need to propose again.

This is Ally. B's aunt hosted the shower along with this precious pup. Can you tell shes completely spoiled?
B opening her gifts. She was excited. She just couldn't wait to call Phil and tell him about all of their new goodies.

Thats the weekend wrap up:)

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