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Monday, May 4, 2009

Have you all met Betsy. Most of you have but there could possibly readers out there who haven't. I hope so, I love the thought of mystery readers.
Betsy, our beloved half lab half something else roughed it at the beach with us. We were so excited to take her because she LOVES water, swimming, fetching sticks, etc. We knew she would love the beach.
However after a 5 hour ride away from her home and snuggle spots, and her first day on the beach in sand and sun, she was not a happy girl. We came home from dinner our first night to find that she had something wrong with her butt. Yes, her butt.
Mind you now, we believe she made all of this up, pulling her sympathy card that we so lovingly fall prey to.
Betsylouwhoo, the betsers, betserbear could not sit on her butt.
She would poop and run from it after.
If you touched her tail she would snap and whine.
So. Andy and I got a little worried. Where in the heck was a vet on this small, small beach at 10:30 at night?
No worries.
We had aloe. I thought possibly the sand irritated her pooper or she backed into a cactus on the porch(Andy did the night before). So aloe, soothing as it is, would surely handle this problem.
Andy distracted her while I went in to the kill, aloe lubed finger and all. Betsy whipped her head around like "Umm really? seriously? It's not even my hiney that is having problems!"
And do you know what?
It wasn't that.
It was her tail.
God bless her. I was just doing what a mother knew best.
I'll have you know that her tail affected her at all times except when chasing birds on the beach. That sassy little girl. She knows just how to get what she wants.

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