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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I dropped my cousin off at high school this morning. When he opened the door to get out of the big white truck that I so lovingly call mine right now... I could smell it.
High school.
I immediately felt tense.
High school, as many fun memories as I have from it still makes me cringe. Especially the whole arriving there thing.
Remember my old Firebird? The red one with tee tops? Yeah, that's one reason why.
Does high school give you the willies still?
I hated walking in the doors every morning. I was usually hungry but running late for home room. I was always feeling a little frazzled knowing I was walking in to people looking at me. Or were they? This could possibly lead one to think that maybe I was a negative thinker in my younger years.
Possibly not though.

But then again I loved high school. I loved cheer leading practice mainly and my cheer leading uniform. I loved most of my teachers. Of course I loved my friends.

High school is all kinds of pressure though. Pressure for good grades, to dress within the realm of normalcy, to date, etc.

I know this sounds crazy, but I literally wake up some mornings and think to myself.. "Oh my, I am so freaking glad that I get to go to work today and not high school."
That just sounds crazy doesn't it?


Cass said...

Not crazy! Very true. So thankful, once again, that the Lord gives us seasons that come and go. SO thankful high school was a time that has come and gone. Love you

KBroome said...

I love you cass:)