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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mr. Broome doesn't like to use a towel more than once. So he showers, steps out, picks a crisp, clean white towel from under his sink, dries off, and throws it in a corner in the bathroom. Such a prince.
He will dry off, hang up his towel, and quietly refuse to use it again. Its just for looks when he hangs it back up. Its to satisfy me, the enforcer. He will hang it up and then when it comes time for his next shower he will "forget" that there is a perfectly good towel hanging up and pull a new one from his cabinet.
I am on to you Mr. Broome.

So as you could surmise, laundry piles up pretty quick at my house. I like to try and do a load a night so that it doesn't becoming an overwhelming task, but that's not always possible.

Which leads me to this question: When in the world will I have time to wash all of the white towels when we have a kid? Or two kids? Or three? What would I do with 3 mini me Andy's who have a serious phobia of once used towels??
The same theme leads me to wonder when there will ever be time when we have kids. I almost, sort of, can't live without my nightly runs or snoogle Dancing with the Stars fest.
If you have a child, you probably can't sympathize and maybe you think I need to get my selfless check in order.
You're right.
When I have children, I'll make them run with me. I'll make them snoogle with me. And Andy can wash the white towels.


Brittney said...

Phil is the same way with his towels. But i only wash towels once a week because he has 7 towels. I think your next purchace should be andy more towels because then he will have enough to get through the whole week.
Can't wait for tonight love you!

KBroome said...

We have a bazillion towels!

Nix Family said...

Your blogs always put a smile on my face! I love reading them.

Mindabelle said...

ditto to the last comment.

Does this mean that you and Andy might be trying sometime soon? AWWWW a little mini-kirbey would be so so sweeeeet!

Aw what if you end up with all little red headed kids... hahaha i can just see you washing towels for 4 :)

Aimes said...

what about nights I need my comforter washed?? don't forget about me!!

Amber said...

Girl when you have won't have white towels anymore....because when they get old enough to paint or spill just grab what you've got...ha will be a wonderful will know just how to balance everything....Plus you will love them like their is no tomorrow....:) which makes cleaning their messes up and giving up some of your worth it....:)) -a