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Friday, May 22, 2009

The Thigh Master

(picture taken from

A couple of weeks ago I visited with my grandad as he was doing some spring cleaning of his "building." It really looks like a barn but it houses all of his collectibles and my grandmothers things from when she was alive.
We chatted as he passed me pictures, pointed out furniture I might like, and then he passed me THE THIGH MASTER. Still in its box, with Susan Somers on the front in a green leotard.

He was so excited.

"Oh hey Kirbey, you'll love this! Your grandmother used to use that thing! Its yours for the taken if you want it!"

Oh my.
THE thigh master. Susan Somers, special edition?
How could I resist?
No you tell me.
How could I?

"I would love it Padaddy, I will use it for sure!"

And I have been. Are you weirded out readers? Are you thinking you might be too good for the thigh master circa 1990?
Well let me be the first to tell you.. Its like a portable gym. Its not just for the thighs. It provides endless work out options for the arms, abs, butt, back, maybe even calves! I know this because I read the pamphlet that was still in the box.

If you're not scared to take the thigh master plunge go here. Endless amounts of cheap thigh masters still out there people.

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