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Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm back. Mr. Broome is back. Betsy is back.
We're all back.
Sooo glad to be back.
After a couple of months of back to back out of town trips, we finally can settle in for a little while.
Brittney and Phil get married in two weekends.
Russ and A get married in less than a month.
So while were settled in at home, we still have so much going on, but isn't that what being young and newly married is all about?
Since I never got to tell you about the little trip we took to the beach with Andy's family, here it is in pictures:)

Me and Mr. Broome before dinner.

Me and my saweet sister in law.

I have never had the desire to para sail. I would have never thought twice to waste money on it. BUT. Jenny was asked to para sail for free as a promotional thing and they told her to bring a friend. It was more like "force a friend." I am not into heights. All I could think about is where we would land if the rope broke.

Mr. Broome really felt like a fisherman after his overnight deep sea fishing trip. He won the biggest fish! He actually won prize money!

My father in law, Mike and Andy with their fish.

I think that's it for today. I am back to running, eating healthy(sort of), and keeping my house clean. Oh, and of course.. snuggling my Mr. Broome.

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