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Friday, June 19, 2009

My favorite blogger in the WORLD is getting a new web site. She is so chic and her passion for running has boosted mine as well. Here is a link to her old blog. Here is the link to her new site. I have to give her major props because she linked to little old me on her "Sites I Love" section.

Since I haven't talked about running in a while I thought I would do so today given the introduction to this post.
So I hear it is better to join a running club or make a friend run with you. That's just what I hear. For a good while this past year however I couldn't find any fellow runners nor could I MAKE anyone go with me. Mr. Broome came close to being forced but he had knee surgery and I don't kneed him going gimp on me anytime soon.(Oh ha, a pun!) So I ran by myself. I ran my first race by myself with Mr. Broome and Betsy watching from the top of a hill. In the winter months when it got dark early, Mr. Broome followed me in his truck while I ran so as not to put myself in the way of kidnappers.
Summer has come though and so have two new running partners. While we are all at different speeds and not really sure of the same goals, we are pretty darn dedicated. We run in the mornings before work, sometimes in the afternoons. I still wouldn't trade my solo running for anything. I love getting outside by myself being the only one to hear my own grunts. I push myself further when alone. I am preparing for my first half in the fall and will be doing a lot more long runs in the near future.
Let me know if you read this and are interested in running with me and "my running group;)"

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