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Monday, June 29, 2009

Thursday night I sat by the pool at the hotel where B's family and friends were staying for her wedding. We watched her little cousin Caroline play in the pool for a couple of hours. Another family came to the pool and Caroline, who is 6, became instant friends with the new kid to the scene. With no effort at all the two little girls began playing and treating each other like old friends.
I can't help but make a comparison.
Why is it so easy for a six year old to make new friends? Aren't children shy and timid of new people/situations? I remember being outgoing when I was smaller. I loved chatting it up with new people. I liked having friends.
Now I would love to have that outgoing and fearless attitude. I find myself meeting new people sometimes either keeping too quite or saying too much. What is a good balance? I fear that if I say too much, they might not like what they hear and may soon discover that I am not a good friend candidate. Then again if I keep too quite they may think I am rude, standoffish, snotty at first greetings.
Mr. Broome is a pro at making new friends. He is fearless. Pour him in a cup of water and you have insta- friendship with him. I like that a lot.
Maybe the fear sits quietly in my insecurity and tip toes out slowly, shutting down my brain with clouded thoughts and rambling words.
Then again you probably would tell me that I have taken it too far and have thought too much about it.
Maybe so.
And maybe you won't want to be my friend.

On a different note: tonight= possible DQ date night

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Mindabelle said...

Everyone feels this way. Everyone. At least at some point during their social life they do... the best way to make a friend is to just be yourself! Those who will fit with you will gravitate towards you! pssst... and the word is out on the street is that you are an excellent friend. :)