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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I have been worn out lately. Lydia and I have been sticking to a routine of 6 o' clock morning running and now we are tying in P90X every other morning. I feel a little off kilter when I first get going at work, but after a smoothie and coffee I am up to speed.
That being said.
I have had the best sleep the past two days. Mr. Broome has let me take full advantage of his torso to get the best out of snuggling possible. I have fallen asleep on the couch the past two nights tangled in arms and suffocating squeezing.
It is simply the best way to fall asleep.
Not to mention the temperature is cooler and my body is never this tired.
I am usually in such a haste to get to bed in the evenings, not wanting to be late for work in the mornings, but even now getting up earlier for exercise, I still linger in the den as long as I can.
I think it's summer.
Something about the word "summer" or the giddiness you feel when you know summer is coming entices you into later nights and earlier mornings.

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