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Monday, July 27, 2009

I think my husband will appreciate this.
Growing up from the tender age of 5, because that is really as far back as I remember, my dad always told me one thing.
"You are the best girl."
It didn't matter what I did. If I impressed him with kind behavior I was the best. If I disappointed him with disobedience or back talk, after punishment, he still took that learning moment to remind me that I was the best.
I can honestly say that into the middle school and high school years, I never felt like that was true. I mean I could dabble in the idea that maybe I was good at some things and maybe I was a genuinely nice person, but not the best.
I think about this now because in marriage I am able to see so many things about myself that miss the mark.
It has taken me a while to clearly see those things that are not the best about myself. Like not being a good listener. Forgetfulness. Jumping to conclusions. Overanalzing. Gossiping. Etc. In all of these negative qualities, I become defensive that I am not these things. Defensive because maybe somewhere deep down inside, I really do think that I am the best.
I clearly am not and the more I learn about Jesus the more I know without a doubt that I am no where near the best.
My heart is forever grateful and endeared to my dad who saw it his job, his duty to instill in me confidence. And sweetly, I think he once did believe that I was the best. Maybe though just the best thing to him.


Amber Branon Huckeba said...

Listen honey....Our Daddy's always tell us we are the best...cause in their eyes we are....That will never change...and I am sure when you and Andy have a little girl of your own....Andy will think she is the best too....this is how it works in the Huckeba house...Marlee is the apple of her daddy's eye...poppy's eye and Uncle Russ' eye....Just you wait.... :)

KBroome said...

Aww Marlee is so sweet. Very understandable that she is the apple of their eye:)