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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My blog has really lost its umpth here lately. I know this because Pedigo doesn't read it anymore. I bet Phil doesn't either.
Oh well though right?
I began this as a chance to tell you about being a newlywed and many funny things happened in that time. Now though, I am over a year married and I don't think that qualifies me as "newly wed" anymore. I think this is so because things don't seem as funny and magically wonderful as they used to. I guess I am just settled in to this new married life. Maybe that's not a bad thing.
russ's wedding
Moving on.
Andy found a snake skin in the back yard yesterday. Do you know how long it was?
It was a couple of inches taller than Mr. Broome. He didn't want to tell me where he found it because it was so close to the house and do you know what?
That snake skin was not there the day before.
That means that while I was at work typing my little fingers away, scoping out the latest news on Lauren Conrad, a snake, taller than my husband slithered through my back yard.
And where is he now?
Probably under our house somewhere. I can't go to the bathroom now without investigating the toilet to make sure no snake head pops up.
Its a terrible worry those snakes.


Unknown said...

ha i read today, the broome's would be proud, or one at least, lol

Nix Family said...

Kirbey I love your blog. Dont be discouraged. I think your stories are hilarious. Also, I thought you were considered a newly wed for 2 years!

amanda. said...

I don't think that a snake head will pop out of your toilet. :) I, too, really enjoy reading your blog. It always makes me smile! Love you!

Krauss said...

There are much worse things than snakes. What if you discovered The HIlls was cancelled?