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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

On making decisions

aThe beach this weekend was delightful and exhausting. We spent the better part of two days on a boat. We fished, swam, speared crabs, and played with the most wonderful Golden Retriever pup you ever layed eyes on.
Mr. Broome got to go deep sea fishing and I got some peaceful hour or so of rest each day on the front of the boat as it rocked just gently enough. We had a wonderful dinner at the "Shrimp Boat" two nights in a row. I had never been there before but I will definitely go back. I swear everything on the menu was delicious. Fresh tomato bruschetta, juicy fried green tomatoes, and shrimp with Gouda cheese grits.
I wish I could have it all for breakfast right now.
So I could elaborate on the beach trip but I have something else on my mind.
Here it goes as a story:
Me and Mr. Broome are on the boat Friday with our friends Ryan and Lydia and Ryan's boss and his wife.
The boss man and wife have a Golden Retriever pup on the boat.
As my womanly duty, I fall in love.
I can't get my hands of this pup. I begin to debate ways to force this dog into lasting snoogliness. I begin to think that in the next 24 hours, this dog will be as snoogly as I trained Betsy to be and the family will forever be thankful.
Mr. Broome looked to be falling in love with this delectable fuzzy creature himself.
I'm all innocent OK when I say "Oh, Mr. Broome, man of my dreams, how about Betsy needs a brother?"
I've been looking to bring another life into our world.

Not that kind of life.

And do you know what people?
He tells me to find out where it came from and how much they are.
I am not lying.
So of course I jump on the ball.
Why not exercise a little family expansion if the husband is willing?

And this is where we are now. The pup is 3 hours away and neither of us are sure when we could drive to get it.
I think now is a better time than ever to take a poll.
Do you readers think Mr. Broome and I need another pup?
Do you readers think I could make this pup as snoogly as the Betser?
If you agree say "Aye!"


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another dog? ummm.... OH YEAH, as long as yall dont get any cats i will still come by to visit occasionally!