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Monday, July 27, 2009

So no dog.
I could tell you all why, but its best to say that we decided now was not the right time.
Or I could say that we drove 3 hours to get it only to find out it had been sold.
I am going to try something new, doing a picture a day. I know I don't have pooping kiddos with finger paint art, but I think it would be nice to document each day.

So if there is anything you would like me to photograph and explain in our life(The Broome's life) then comment and let me know.
Don't be shy now.
As a matter of fact I expect my readers who I text at least once a day to comment.
You know who you are.


~Brittney~ said...

I love the picture idea! I could send you some funny pictures of you hahahaha but I know you wonldnt post them.

KBroome said...

You are right about that Mr. Jiles. Oh and thanks for calling me out in my own home last night!

Aimes said...

ohhh can I send some pics??