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Monday, July 27, 2009

Yes, she is voluntarily sitting with me as forced as it may look.
Just like I said, here is the picture for today.
This is documentation that Betsy only snuggles me when Andy is gone. Andy was out of town on business last night and my mom and cousin stayed with me. Betsy was glued to my hip. She loves her mama, but only when her daddy is gone.

On a side note- how about Ed? I love him. I hope him and Jillian have amzingly staged romance for the rest of their lives.


Amber Huckeba said...

I love this ....and I love Betsers! She is the sweetest dog with the sweetest mama!

Diving Into Love said...

Our Lucy Girl is the SAME exact way!!! She only shows me love when the Mr. is gone! :) Just hope our real children feel the same way about their daddys as our dogs! :)