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Monday, August 31, 2009

Betsy got a dog tent for her birthday. Actually we don't know when her b-day is. You know those mutts are like orphan annies. We're carrying her to the beach this weekend and thought we would get something for her to lay in out of the sun. Of course there is such thing as a beach umbrella, but she isn't a fan of sand and wind.
This is buddy- buddy the advertising dog.
Oh kidding, just kidding.
She's super enthused, can't you tell?
Last night we put her bed in it in our room for her to get acclimated. She wasn't having it. Not one bit. We heard her pacing around the room looking for another spot to sleep.
Andy told her she was just like her mama.
I say she's just like her daddy.

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~Brittney~ said...

Betsy is just like BOTH of you!!!! You are both friendly and very loyal to the friends you like. Betsy brings things like socks to you when you arive and kirb offers to make you comfertable. You both love to snuggle and kirb likes to lay in weird positions just like betsy. Betsy use to eat anything you gave her but now she is picky just like Both of you. Betsy likes to chase rats and jump in the lake and thats just like her daddy the adventure one. Betsy gets uneasy when new people are around or there is to much going on and so does her mommy. I could go on and on but I have to get ready for my interview but I love you all!