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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I told Mr. Broome today that someone should pay me to run.
I know I'm no Olympic athlete, but I love it. I work hard when I do it, harder than I do anything else, and I would never never complain about my job.
So if you're interested in paying me to run for you, see my "Why I would like to work for you(this company) above."

The first half marathon I am running is in 7 weeks. 7 weeks! I get stiff just thinking about it.
I like running around town and on back roads in our neighborhood, but throw me in a group of people and I get stiff.
My legs tighten and i find it hard to take deep breaths.
Nervous as I may be on the day of, I know how great it feels to finish a race.
So each week I will update you people on training.
I'm no chic runner, although she is my favorite, but maybe I can give some insight to beginning runners or people interested in getting started.
Here is where I started my training. Good old Hal Higdon. You can pick a training plan on his web site for a 5k, 10k, half, or full marathon. He gives plans that differ from beginners to pros so you're sure to find yourself a plan that works for you.

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The Mrs. said...

I am running a 5k on Sept. 10 at Turner field if you would like to join! Let me know!