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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Last week Betsy found these. So sad. She fluffed one of them around with her paw(and jaws). It survived, just got a little wet and ruffled. The rest were all nuzzled together.
We came home the next day to find only one. Its sweet mama was trying to figure out a way to lift it off the ground.

Amy is our house guest for a couple of nights this week.
Everyone say "hello" to Amy.
"Hello Amy"

The clouds yesterday were overwhelming.

And we couldn't help but enjoy them.


Mindabelle said...

i love the beautiful pics. Aw, I hope baby bird is still ok. What a sweet friend you are - to offer Amy a place to stay... aw.

Pedigo said...

u 2 are to much, like my grandparents, just sittin around looking at nature, LOL