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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mr. Broome cuts the grass at my office. Its just a way of making some extra money and it takes no time at all. Sunday, Mr. Broome told me I could tag along with him because I was dying to spend the day with him. Yes, dying. So I followed him to Russ and A's house where he and Russ worked on their new fence. I then followed him to the office. I asked him what was I to do while he did yard work. He said "Well, you can sit there and wait or you can help me." I, not being a woman to sit and wait nor a woman to take more time than needed volunteered myself. I wasn't about to touch his weed eater and blowing leaves feels as aimless of a task as sweeping them.
Lawn mowing it was.
So with the little red push mower I was off and quite proud of myself. I didn't have to ask once how to turn it on and it was pretty much self- propelling.
And then Mr. Broome said "Pea, you take the check and buy some of those sunglasses you've been wanting."
That I did.
I told him I will take on this task more often. I'll even cut our own yard and that's a lot of grass. However, the new lawn mower for our house looks more like a transformer.
Pictures to come of my ride on the new lawnmower....
Andy, this means we need to set up the self- timer and go for a whirl. Ah haha I get to laughing just thinking about this...

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