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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My dad used to have a friend named Charlie.
I don't remember his last name, but he was always "just" Charlie.
Charlie looked like a character off of Charlie Brown. I never knew if Charlie had a home which I was able to surmise because he never had a car.
No car. No home?
A five year old logic.
And five is the youngest age I remember Charlie and the last time I saw him I was probably 13.
Charlie was a wondering man and I can't really tell you why, but I can explain why I thought so.
Charlie walked every where and he worked at Rainbow Food in Columbus. He was quite and kind, a simple man with few words. My dad worked out of town when I was five and I remember a tornado came through town. My mom had us in a safe place, waiting for the storm to pass. Through the wind and rain we heard a knock at the door.
Mama was scared to open it, being alone, but thought maybe it was a neighbor checking on us.
It was Charlie. Charlie with no car walked to our house to check on us. So you see, Charlie was also a strange man. When I say he checked on us, I mean that he walked to our home coming from who knows where in tornado weather.
Oh that Charlie.
And he was there for awkward stages in my life.
I was eight years old, playing in my room, stuffing my pink and purple leotard with socks for fake nanners when I heard a knock at the door. Without thinking, I ran out of my room, sock nanners and all, screaming "It's Charlie, I'll get it!"
I opened the door and received an awkward smile from Charlie and giggles from my parents. I'll always remember this because they snapped a picture for future embarrassment.
Oh Charlie.
I never really knew how my dad became friends with him, if he had a home, or what he did with his life.
That Charlie was a strange man.


~Brittney~ said...

Hahaha That was a great story. I love hearing about your random memories. But I think that you need to put a picture of the little birds that we saw last night and I hope you will check on them this afternoon cause i'm really scared that their mommy isn't coming back since betsy tried to eat one of them.

Aimes said...

PLLLEEAASSEEE put the socky nanner pic up pleasepleaseplease

Mindabelle said...

do you know what happened to charlie?

Pedigo said...

now you have a new Charlie in your life, ROOF, LOL j/k