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Monday, August 17, 2009

On my husbands butt

Saturday we went to the lake for some fun with my sister- in- law Jenny and her beau. We had a lovely time, but Mr. Broome found himself injured Sunday morning.
I was heading to the back of the boat to hop in the water when I heard a loud thud and splash. Mr. Broome slipped off the boat and hit his tail bone, or coxix, on the edge before hitting the water. Somehow in the process he scraped the knee that he had surgery on and the toe that a horse stepped on years ago. Both places that cause him pain.
Bless his heart, but can you not help but laugh a little?
What a clumsy fella.

Only sort of joking.
So anyway, Sunday morning he wakes up all whiny because his hiney hurts and let me tell ya, it was a little red.
So after sitting on a donut for most of the morning and reclining around the house, he was ready to get moving. He really wanted to go to home depot.
Off we went looking for replacement air filters.
And though he is walking awkwardly(because he really does hurt!)-
I do the unthinkable.
I slap his butt hard, like I would any Sunday while walking through Home Depot right?
Ah, I couldn't stop giggling, I thought I was so funny.
And then I realize as he is staring at me with red face and squint eyes..
I slapped his broken butt.
That Mr. Broome, poor dear, I hear those things take a long time to heal.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Broome needs to "shake it off" I believe he is exaggerating a little!! It was not that bad of a fall!! Maybe he just needs a little attention just slap him on the butt one more time for me!! I had a great time on the lake!! Bryan

KBroome said...

Haha I won't tell him you said that, his feelings might be hurt:) What are yall doing this weekend?

Mindabelle said...

So funny! i love reading your blog because you Mrs. Broome, are soo funny! Aw poor Andy. i hope his you know, bum feels better soon.

Pedigo said...