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Monday, August 31, 2009

Saturday morning Me and Mr. Broome helped Jenny move from her apartment in Atlanta. We met the in-laws and Jenny and family friend Keith for breakfast before. As we're sitting there all kinds of chatty- Dawn(my MIL) ask me if I had gotten my new sunglasses yet and I'm all "how did you know about those?" Then Keith asked me about push mowing along with Mike and honestly I don't remember what all they poked fun at me about, but all of a sudden it hit me.
They read my blog.
Oh my I couldn't be more excited. You know, when I find out I have more readers I make sure to enter them into post more often.
So lucky you guys right?

Moving on.
Betsy got a tent to take to the beach for labor day. A doggie tent. So stay tuned tomorrow for that.
You got that? Stay tuned!

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