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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


There are rules.
so here they are:
mention the person who tagged you,
complete the lists of 8's,
and tag eight of your wonderful bloggy friends! (if you have that many)

8 things I look forward to:
~Getting home to my husband every day
~Learning to sew (well)
~Having babies
~Future vacations with Mr. Broome
~My first half marathon
~Cape San Blas in a few weekends
~Fall(football, Halloween, pumpkins, cool weather running)
~October camping trip

8 things I did yesterday:
~Took my first sewing class
~Googled a lot of stuff
~Ate wings with Andy and Amy
~Played hostess to my bf Eemy
~Made a peanut butter, banana smoothie
~Shopped at the Classy Cricket (60percent off sale- whoohoo!)
~Snuggled Mr. Broome
~Learned what a bobbin and footer are
8 things I wish I could do:
~Remember how blessed I am every single day, not just every other day
~Sew clothes(I am finally on the path to learning)
~Give my life more to my savior, let go of my need to control
~Buy Mr. Broome a boat, a big one
~Meet Stephanie Nielson(in reference to the "I read NieNie button on the left of this page)
~Get paid for blogging(Ha! I spend enough time doing it right?)
~Vacation in Italy
~Sail the ocean seas with Mr. Broome and our family in our own boat
8 shows I watch:
~Real Housewives(oops)
~Project Runway
~Jail TV(Only bc its my line of work..)
~Good Morning America
~Dateline NBC
~ I can't really think of many more

8 bloggers I tag:
I don't know who else would do it, but here you go friends.

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Diving Into Love said...

LOVE LOVE that you tagged me! :)