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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Haven't been much for blogging lately. Life just gets too busy sometimes, but tonight I feel the urge.
I run my first half in two weeks and I am in serious preparation. I am trying, really trying to eat energy foods and drink lots of water and read read read of course how to be preparing myself. I know its just a race, but I hate the fear of getting out there and getting picked up by the sag wagon or getting sick. (The sag wagon is a bus system that picks up those going too slow.)
Last week I ran a simple 5 miler and if it wasn't the hardest I have ever run, I don't know what would be. Every step in front of the other felt like I was lifting a couple pounds of extra weight. Then there are days where it feels so simple and effortless.
Today I had 9 miles to run. I was seriously overwhelmed by the thought of it. I have done it before but I guess knowing that it's real preparation for the race made me nervous. I want to succeed.
Andy measured 9 miles from downtown back to our house. It was actually more like 10 miles, but I knew where to stop at 9 and I had a mile left to walk and cool down.
It was easier than I thought. Actually most of it felt good. I surprised myself pushing on and running a little bit faster at points. I stopped to cross the street around mile 6 and I had forgotten what my feet felt like. They tingled. I knew it was going to be a tiring 4 more miles. The sun was beating down on me on one big hill and I began to feel an inkling of defeat, but then the clouds covered the sun for the rest of the run and they even poured on me a little bit. I didn't mind at all.
At the end of mile 9, Mr. Broome had set a bottle of water and a cool rag bundling ice on the side of the road. He hadn't left it there the whole time- I had called him on mile 8 so he knew to take it up the road. I didn't know water could feel so good, on my neck, in my throat, on my face. The best and most relieving end to the run.
And then I ordered Chinese.
So how about that Mr. Broome? A real love that man. Finding that water bottle and ice cloth was even more sweet relief knowing his timing and text to "let him know when I got to the certain road" so he could set it out there for me.
I give you me running. Compliments of Mr. Broome.


Mindabelle said...

aw! I love that Andy takes care of you and supports your running. You guys are so sweet. I am so proud of your hard work and dedication. So awesome! I'll be praying for your good health and strength to accomplish your goals! :)

Mallory Thigpen said...

Beautiful pic! So sweet of him! Push on girl!'ll do GREAT!