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Monday, September 21, 2009

The rain story

I wish you could have seen Mr. Broome last night. He decided after it had been raining all night that at mid night, he needed to go outside in the pouring rain, lightening, and thunder to close the door to his building and check to make sure no electronics were plugged in.
I objected.
"It is pouring, Pooouuring, Andy, pleaseeee just stay in here until it stops."
But you can't stop a man with a fire man's heart.
He is bound and determined at all times to do as he pleases when it comes to facing danger.
But here is the best part.
He ran outside in his skivvies. White undies, retired fireman knee topping rain boots, and a small little rain coat.
Can you picture it?
Now you can laugh, I know some of his friends will.
It was completely dark as he walked to the building with rain pouring and all but every time lightening lit up the sky all I could see was his white bum shimmying down to the building.
Ah I sight to see!

On a more serious note- Some people have been terribly affected by the rain. Two lives lost thus far and many homes ruined or damaged. Keep these people in your prayers.

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Amber Huckeba said...

Hillarious!!!!!! Wish you could have gotten a pic.....that would have been too funny!!!!