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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sorry Melinda

Melinder- I am using some pics from your latest post.
So sue me OK?
This is me and Jaime.
When we first lived in the dorms our freshmen year we got in deep trouble for running up three flights of stairs in prom dresses after "quiet hours." We got in so much trouble that our hall monitor made us make posters for drug awareness.
Because we were on drugs right?
No, not at all.
That's just West Geezy for you. Have some good old fashioned prom dress hysterical race around the dorms and get in trouble.
Jaime is a super unique girl. One of those girls that all of the guys adore because she is relatable but a girl's girl too.
She sings and plays guitar and she is the most sarcastic person I know(in a good way of course.)
Any way. Jaime had been dating this guy Jess for years. Years I tell you. But in Kirbey time, two years is a long long time. So After the first year I was telling her she needed to hook on the ole ball and chain and tie the knot.
She and Jess were in no hurry.
To each his own time.
He proposed a couple of weekends ago.
I absolutely couldn't be happier!
Jaime, you deserve the very best and I think Jess is just that. I am so happy for you!

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Amber Huceba said...

WEll Congrats Jamie! Jess is a lucky guy....I think If I were Jess I would make her sing to me all the time....I could listen to her sing the phonebook! She is so talented!!!!!!