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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Another Betsy Story

Mr. Broome left for work this morning much earlier than me. I didn't have to run, so I slept in just long enough to give me an hour to get up, get showered, dressed, etc. As I am getting ready in the mornings, I let Betsy out to potty and run around. This morning was no different. I opened the door and watched as she charged into the yard , waking any sleeping creatures, and barking at the fog on the field behind our home.
I went back to getting ready. Hair fixed, clothes on, lunch ready to go. I went to call Betsy in.
She came running happily as she always done, her tongue lazily bobbing up and down as she approached the door. I pet her as any good dog owner would and I feel that she is wet. Betsy is a black dog so at the first glance of her I assume she's wet from the tall grass she has just run through.
I get a towel to wipe her off and then I realize something.
She's not wet from moist grass, she is wet from poop.
My guess is cat poop.
I had 10 minutes to get to work, and my inside dog is covered in cat poop.
I then call Dawn and tell her "Oh sorry I'll be late, Betsy has taken a bath in cat poop."
The last time she did this she was living on the BLVD with me and my room mates. Betsy and Lady( Amanda's dog) were always rolling in something, but Betsy has had ENOUGH spankings to know this was a nono.
I hollered at her as I bathed her that her daddy would surely find out.
If you know Betsy, which many of you readers do, you know that she took this pretty hard. I went home to check on her at lunch and she greeted me at the door with a head hung low and her tail between her legs.
She really is a good girl.


Mallory Thigpen said...

My dog does this ONLY when we go to my parents house. I dont get it! and it is SO frustrating! I beat Nelly for it every time...doesnt help! But you just have to laugh! lol

Mindabelle said...

aw that sweet little betzer...she just wanted to roll in cat poop mom!