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Thursday, November 5, 2009

In preparing and finishing my first half marathon, I was pretty consumed in time with running. And that's a good thing. I like running, it makes me feel good inside, I am less prone to picking at Mr. Broome when I am getting fresh air and exercise everyday.
But lately, I have slacked. I guess its harder to push myself when I haven't set a goal. So I am going to set a goal and soon. The only problem with training for another race comes the need for sunlight, time, and a friend to run with the same long distances as me.
Any volunteers? Anyone wanna have a chat with God and ask him to make the days longer?
So that's that.
I want my goal to be a full marathon come spring. Who's with me?

As for the time I have been slacking, I have discovered my inner most desire to learn upholstery. That's right, upholstery. And I can do it, but its a slow process. So soon, you will see the efforts of my slackness in not running.

That's it friends. Come back at the end of the week and I will have a post about our new dining room table, not upholstered, but painted!

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Brittany said...

Hello Kirby! I just read your comment & wanted to say thank you!
I read your blog every now & again (yours is my favorite personal blog, because of it's randomness. Shhh, don't tell anyone:)
You are way ahead of me in the running department...though
it is quite inspiring to see someone else accomplishing such a task as running a half marathon. I am no where near there yet. But I hope to be in a couple of months! So, yes, I would love a running partner sometime! Let me know when and if you sign up for any events as well. You can contact me whenever at
I look forward to hearing from you.

PS. I am planning on doing a 5K thanksgiving morning in Marietta. Which would be a breeze for you! But I'm hoping it will get me in the racing mindset if you know what I mean.