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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Our home is cozy tonight. It's Thanksgiving Eve.

However my table is set for Christmas.

Mr. Broome is sleeping. He had a 4:30 morning. Don't worry, it was for pleasure, not work. He spent the day with his best friend on the road to North Alabama to pick up his new toy.

Betsy was sleeping too until I snapped this.
I can't get as sleepy, so I thought I would document the night.
I am thankful for these two, they make my days and evenings complete.. and cozy.

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Mindabelle said...

aw! I love it! I love the saying "thanksgiving eve." I went to matt's for thanksgiving this year and his little brother (5) says to me - Hey melinda - how was your thanksgiving eve?

Your house looks super cozy!