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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I've been so busy lately. I find myself enjoying the evenings with Mr. Broome in our cozy home too enjoyable to put my foot forward into much productivity. We did get the Christmas lights up. They are gorgeous. We we're going to get dinner Sunday night when Mr. Broome said "Turn around and see if you can see our lights from this far!" Sure enough you could.
Though I am no professional, not even close to even being "good" at taking pictures- My sweet friend Lydia asked me to take some last minute pictures of her family on Sunday. Of course I obliged because it did not require me dolling up, just them.
I think this is my favorite. Ryan and Lydia make one good looking couple. Seriously.

In more Broome news, Mr. Broome sold his truck. We we're sad to see it go. It was the first truck I rode in with him. It took us on our first date to see a singing moose, our second date to the Cheesecake Factory, and our third date, the Sun Dial.(Where I knew, I declared in my soul- "This dear self, This is the man I will marry!")
Mr. Broome has been jonesing for a Bronco really bad. He has dreamt about it, spilt his pop corn when he saw one in a movie, and nearly wrecked when seeing one on the side of the road. He searched all over for THE one, and he has found it. It's sitting pretty in our car port right now. It's old but will be fixed up soon. It's one of those antique cars.(I think.)
I will post those pictures soon along with Christmas light pictures.
And to end this post, a list of my favorite Christmas time things:
Peanut m&m's, choirs, oyster crackers, cold winter walks to see Christmas lights, endless snuggling, a fire in the fireplace every night, helping Mr. Broome put wood on his wood tote, my family happy, giving gifts, a dimly lit house with just the Christmas tree glowing...

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