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Monday, December 7, 2009

Mr. Broome met morning before me today. He shot out of bed at 5:00am so that he could get home from work on time to go get a Christmas tree. We're a little late. I was getting up right behind him to run. I could barely sleep last night and I think it was my mind telling me to be scared of the cold morning run. That and my heat in the Rover is broken.. no good, no good. So I got dressed quickly, threw a heating pad in the microwave for a good four minutes and Mr. Broome suggested I throw a blanket in the dryer to sit on top of me in the car. Smart guy, that Mr. Broome. I detest being cold. I would rather be sweating for 24 hours straight than be cold for five minutes.
As I headed out the door to meet my running group, Mr. Broome ran out to the car and threw the warm blanket on top of me. It was just right.
Running in 38 degrees was not just right. It was so dang cold. Of course I still loved it. I love running and feeling a little loopy as I get out of bed most mornings wondering "why am I doing this again?"

Mr. Broome hung all of our lights. They make me feel warm in side, for real.

Owow Mr. Broome! You hang those lights:)

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Mindabelle said...

hahaha kirbey you're so funny. i love you!