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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The bear hug.
This is how it started.
My favorite part of the day could possibly be bed time. Not just the falling asleep part, but the actual getting in bed with cold feet and snuggling up tight to get warm. We get all of our jitters out right before we get sleepy. Like Mr. Broome will squirm around and poke and tickle until he has all of his out.
Last night I asked Mr. Broome for a bear hug.
Because I had given him one the night before. And though I had begged him for one the night before after I gave him one, he refused.
Mr. Broome says you can't just go around dishing out bear hugs all the time or they're not special.
But last night he did.
He sat up on the bed and yelled, "Bearrr HUUUUG!"
"Rarrrarr I'm gonna give you a BIG BEAAAARRRRRR HUUUUUG."
And then he swallowed me whole in his bear hugging arms.
And that is the bear hug story.
And don't you go making fun of Mr.Broome, just because you wish your Mr. so and so gave you those kind of bear hugs.


shakeela said...

You guys are so cute!! And if this is what marriage is like, I hope I can experience the same thing one day! I love your blog =)

Unknown said...

this is sweet


~Brittney~ said...

How SWEET I love Mr. and Mrs. Broome!!!!!!!!!!

Pedigo said...

O he is getting made fun of for sure, lol....