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Sunday, January 17, 2010

I went to McDonald's the other night.
Can you tell this week has been busy? Fast food two nights.
Anyway, not that you care. Not that you care about the following story either, but humor me.
I was headed home from the blond salon when I decided I didn't feel like cooking the chicken I had set out. I was too tired. I whipped into the second drive through. After sitting and waiting and seeing other cars go through the first line I decided the speaker you order into wasn't working. So I drove around again to the first speaker. I couldn't help but notice someone in the same drive through I had just been in looking rather frustrated. I wanted to tell her it wasn't working, but she was too far away. So when the woman asked me if I wanted to try a "yada yada triple size it" meal I kindly explained to her how the other speaker wasn't working and that the other customer might be getting peeved.
She didn't say OK. She just said "What do you want."
I'd irritated the voice behind the speaker leading to a hand to my food.
But I ordered anyway and pulled up. But all of a sudden, the woman at the other speaker whipped around in front of me. She wasn't going to let me go first! She hadn't ordered and she was going to place her order at the first window.
And that's when I accidentally layed on my horn. Literally. I bent over to get my wallet and brushed my messed up horn and it wouldn't stop.
My window was already down in preparation to pay when I hear the very furthest car in line ahead of me start screaming "Chill out gurl, you need to calm yo self down!"
What a mess. I really could have cooked the chicken.
So I pull on up, pay the girl, tell her I didn't honk on purpose..
Then I pull to the second window. I just really wanted my diet coke and a cheeseburger.
Three McDonalds workers are standing there looking to be whispering and giving me the stink eye. The stink eye I'm telling you all for an accidental horn blowing!
I headed home really laughing about it all because it was such a confusing mess. I feel like I hurt some feelings at McDonalds, but what do you do?

I hope everyone has had a good week. I hope you're all praying for Haiti.

We've done a lot of snuggling this week. Can't you tell?

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The Mrs. said...

I literally LOLed at my desk while reading your McDonald's story. Too funny!