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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Last night we went to visit Andy's grandad in the hospital. He has pneumonia in both lungs and though he is 93 years old, he is recovering quite well. After he ate his dinner last night he told us he wanted to go for a walk around the halls. He needed to stretch his legs. Passing rooms in the hospital with people all cozied in their dimly lit rooms and watching the news, I couldn't help but feel a little jealous. With it being so cold outside, I wouldn't mind snugging up in one of those beds and letting someone wait on me. But I know that's not how it really is there. People don't enjoy being in the hospital because it means they're sick. Especially grandaddy. A little back ground on Andy's grandad.. though his body is old, his mind and spirit are very youthful. I should even dare to say that his body is still somewhat youthful. He plays golf once a week, he helps the lady's out where he lives, and he moves about effortlessly when he is not in the hospital. So obviously, he would rather be out of the hospital and moving about like his normal self than stuck in bed. But hopefully he will continue to get better and better and back into his routine. He told me yesterday that he already plans to help me till up my garden this summer and plant hot peppers.

On a running note, Mr. Broome found this big winner at REI yesterday and I am so excited about it. My first morning running in 18 degrees I had nothing to cover my nose or mouth and the cold wind was seriously uncomfortable and stinging. I didn't want a balaclava because I didn't want something that covered my whole head. This is what Mr. Broome found.

It's called the "polar scarf." you can wear it to keep your neck warm or pull it up over your nose and mouth. I can't wait to try it out Friday. Thanks Mr. Broome.

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