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Friday, January 22, 2010

Mr. Broome worked in Memphis last week. Poor Mr. Broome.
You know the story, I hate it when he leaves:(
He came home Thursday night just in time for tornado sirens.
We had finished dinner, I had painted my toes when we began to hear thunder. Which kind of excited me because I like to hear it accompanied with rain so long as there is no tornado following along.
Then my phone beeped and I had a weather alert. Not a "watch" but a "warning!"
There is a difference. A difference worth noting because with a warning your house might blow away. So...
Dear future kids of mine,
Though I hope genetics has nothing to do with developing the same fears as your mother, I can assure you I can get us to the "tornado safety zones in an instant." Just like last night..

And so long as the power is still on and the cable is still functioning, I know how to read a weather map. Your dad showed me EXACTLY where we were last night when I was convinced it had not passed over us.

I have to admit, I love spring, but with it comes all of that nasty hormonal weather, and I am just not looking forward to it.

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kmh819 said...

I am "swept away" (pardon the pun) that you think I'm scared of tornados/weather. I outgrew that nonsense by the time you were six! Don't go spoiling my image of being "fearless"! & my granddog spent your fella's out of town time at my house! Can I tell you how many times your alarm rings before I actually get up & wake you? Question... what is "hormonal weather" or did you mean allergy season?