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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The past two weeks have been eventful. I said "goodbye" to the rover. I was kind of sad to be getting rid of it because it was the first car I ever bought. First car I ever called a zillion insurance places to get quotes for. First car I tapped Brittney's car with twice. First car that I felt was reliable.
Good bye Rover, your new family has got a real gem on their hands..

It snowed. Lots of snow. I didn't get so many pictures of the snow as I did video which I will share sometime.

Mr. Broome wore his standard Carrhart "winteralls." Anytime its super cold out or we have a freak snow, Mr. Broome bundles up in his overalls. I love them, I think they make him look even more manly.

We went for a drive with iced up windows. Mr. Broome wanted to play in the snow but I was so sleepy when I got home from work.

The snow melted as fast as it came. Isn't that just the pits?

The best part of this week. My sweet friend Amanda had her first baby. A red headed boy who's soft, warm face is absolutely Heaven sent. I can't believe you had a baby Amanda, I am so proud of you:)

Grandpa TomTom was proud too. Can you get over that grandaddy smile?

D, the proud new dad.

I love you, A! Can I be Thomas's millionth aunt?? I know he has plenty...

We had a couples Valentine date night in Atlanta. We went to see Dialogue in the Dark before dinner, but it had been cancelled due to weather. We were a little disappointed but enjoyed the rest of the evening and our stay at the W. Have you ever been to the W? It wasn't my favorite, a little to modern for me.

Hope you all are having a good week and I hope to be more consistent with blogging:)


Mindabelle said...

wow, i can't believe amanda is a mama! What a sweet baby. first car goodbyes are always sad.

Anonymous said...

Amado loved Dialogue in the Dark!! We went to Bodies and Dialogue in the same day. It was very "eye" opening...get it!