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Friday, February 5, 2010

This guy, Captain Ice cream, was on a show last week called the Shark Tank. Have you seen it? It's a show about inventors selling their invention or idea to a board of investors in hopes of getting a sum of money to get their business going.
Seriously the kind of show I could see my dad going on. He's always inventing something.
So me and Mr. Broome were watching it last week when "Captain Ice cream" came on. He was selling the idea of the old fashioned ice cream truck man, in the white uniform, but instead of a truck he had a scooter.
Kids can really relate to a scooter now-a-day's more so than a truck.
I mean that.
I liked him too. I wanted to pull him through the screen and give him a bowl of heath bar yogurt from our freezer.
He was that likable.
But, the investors turned him down. "Sorry, Ice cream man, your business is sweet and fuzzy, but get your chocolaty dumb arse out of here."
No, no they didn't say that. But they did give him a big fat "NO" and proceeded to hop on his scooter once he left and vroom around the room on it.
It made me so sad.
Can't you tell someone that you don't like their idea without making fun of them in the process. Couldn't they have given him a little more money to buy ONE more scooter, just so there could be at least TWO captain Ice creams out there in the world??
I teared up about it. Of course I did. And Mr. Broome was all "Oh my gosh Kirbey, really? The ice cream man makes you cry but not Extreme Home Makeover?"
Yes he did. I'll tell you why too. I'll get personal with you.
My dad has always had big ideas, and not always gotten the most encouragement. It breaks my heart to think of someones spirit being broken all because of another opinion. People can be so mean. A lot of things make me think of my dad. This just being one of them.

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kraussinthehouse said...

nougaty fooooollll....i love this so much. And I still think your dad could really DJ if up if he reallly wanted to..