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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Oh Hi. It's me.
Brought to you by the two hour nap I had after work today.
And the Chinese crab angles I had for dinner.
After that combination I thought "Oh heck this night's been so great, what else to do? Laundry? Blog?"
I've missed blogging. I used to take pictures of Betsy sleeping or Andy eating cereal and it all resulted in the best darn blog posts ever. Lately though, computer woes and the time change has had me worn out.
No excuses though. Gotta write like a champion.
So, even though I can't upload MY pictures. I will share my dear friend Amy's pictures to help you visualize what an amazing 25th birthday I had.
Oh and by the way, 25 is seriously old. Actually, now that I think of it, maybe the age change is why I've been so tired.

Do you like my dress? Mr. Broome sent me shopping with two of my favorite people Saturday morning to get a dress for my birthday. Amy and Caroline said this dress screamed "birthday girl." I won't disagree.

Oh yea, did I mention Caroline came for the whole weekend? Best friend from high school, brush of fame girl from LA, and now back to the south where I can see her more. I'm just talkin ya up CP.
That's almost the end to my pictures so I'll do some explaining. Mr. Broome had Caroline come to town Friday. We had a girls night with Amy and I seriously stayed up past my bed time. I forgot how funny Caroline is. She literally will fall asleep talking, and wake to tell you not to go to bed, even though she's practically asleep. At 1:00 am though I had to get all of us to bed.
Saturday, Mr. Broome cooked us breakfast and sent us shopping. We met Amy to find a dress and get our nails fixed up. Such a fun, girl day.
That night Mr. Broome surprised me with all of our friends coming to town to take a limo to Atlanta for dinner.
Mr. Broome, you just can't stop earning brownie points can you?? Seriously Mr. Broome, I can't get over what an AMAZING husband you are. And to all of my friends. Everyone who planned and schemed, I love you so much. Can I get a what what on some great friends?

Well, that's all for tonight. I run another race Sunday. 13.1. Wish me luck and a happy stomach.


Sarah Hubbard said...

All right now Mrs Kirby... you better be careful calling 25 old because I'm going to be 35 in just a few weeks and I still don't feel old... Age is relative dearest cousin... Your only as old as you think you are! Be young forever!

KBroome said...

Sarah you are definatley NOT old! I have always thought of you as a slightly older sister/cousin figure:)

Sarah Hubbard said...

All right then, you are off the hook... Glad you have such a good husband to celebrate you in such a way! You look fabulous!

The Ortiz's said...

You looked beautiful for your birthday! Being a quarter of a century old is a lot of fun. You inspired me to start a blog! add me