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Monday, March 22, 2010

Here's my race report.
It stunk.
The end.

Alright, ok. Here goes. I woke up at 4:30 and traveled to Atlanta to meet my running group in Corall K. We were 5 out of 16,000 participants. That's plain crazy isn't it? I have to admit something about this race.
I wasn't prepared. I hadn't eaten like I should have the whole week before nor had I been drinking enough water. I knew I needed to drink water the morning of the race 2 hours before it began, but I continued drinking it up to five minutes before the start. I had to take a potty break around mile 6.
I lost my running friends. They were long gone after waiting in line for the Porto potties. When I got back on the road, my feet felt suddenly heavy. Without the guys to keep pace with and no sight of them ahead, I let myself slow down. By mile 11 I was just about done. I pride myself on not walking and I have to tell you.. I did. Only for like half of a minute, but still. I felt like a complete mess.
Then I finished. And though I couldn't see Mr. Broome, he saw me.
He said(later), "Pea, you looked like you were going to get trampled coming through the finish!"
You were right Mr. Broome. I felt like I was too.
Then I grabbed a banana, water, pretzels, and my medal.
Then, I began the search for my running group and Mr. Broome.
None of them in sight. NONE. 16,000 people, no phone, no Mr. Broome.
If I were five I would have began to cry, but never mind that, I'm 25 and I almost did. Almost. I didn't want anyone thinking I was pouting for not winning the whole dang race right?
At these events they have these space blankets to keep you warm after a race. I didn't get one because I didn't think I would need it. I thought Mr. Broome would snuggle me all the way to the car.
FAR FAR away from the people handing out the space blankets, I found myself discombobulated, stressed and shivering. Where was everyone? Where was my congratulatory hug?
Then push came to shove and I asked a stranger working at Embassy Suites to use the phone. I got in touch with Mr. Broome and we planned to meet at Ruth Chris Steak House.
Maybe twenty minutes later, I ask another stranger to borrow their phone. Talk to Mr. Broome, realize some confusion and continue to wait on a street corner in front of Ruth Chris.
No space blanket and my hands were so cold I couldn't move them.
Third phone call from stranger's phone, twenty more minutes later. "Mr. Broome, where on earth are you???? I'm freezing, I've been waiting!"
I was so confused. He said he was at Ruth Chris and I knew I was standing right in front of Ruth Chris. But I walk up the only street to walk up as he says.. and there he is. On the other end of the building is a Ruth Chris sign, but separating us were the runner's lanes. He could not get across them, nor did I have a phone for him to call.
Mr. Broome had been glaring(I use that word appropriately) at me the whole time waiting for me to figure out where he had been telling me he was.
Oh dear.
So I holler at him from across the lanes, runners whizzing by, "Stay there! Don't move!! I am coming to you!"
I would tell you I found him easily, but once again, I almost had a melt down getting to him through all of those people. When he finally saw me, I anticipated a verbal spanking of the fatherly sorts, but I was wrong.
Oh Mr. Broome I was.
He said "Well you weren't the fastest, but you were the prettiest."
And though you Mr. Broome are WAY too sweet to me, and you sure are a good fibber, you really made the situation OK.

Sometimes I wonder what I do to deserve such an amazing husband, but then I remember I'm really good at laundry.

Congrats to my cousin Jake, who finished the half in 1:20! That time is faster than the female who won the half! Yay Jake!


The Ortiz's said...

Kirb! Keep writing about your running. It has inspired me to run. I went Saturday and ran the longest I have ran since my freshman year of high school. I am proud of you for running the ING, running in Atlanta is so much fun. We even want to do the Peachtree Road Race. So glad you have sweet Mr. Broome to take good care of you!

ahibs said...

That sounds really awful and scary. I definitely would've cried. But what an impressive accomplishment to have participated in a 13.1 mile race! I'm inspired too...