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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oh hey.
That's how most of my conversations with Amy start.

Mr. Broome took me to DQ Friday. Remember DQ date nights?
It's almost summer time so we're bringing them back.
This past Friday, after a deliciously long nap, Mr. Broome and I drove to town to go for a walk and to have ice cream at Dairy Queen. Getting Mr. Broome to take walks is like asking him to shave his legs. It's just something he doesn't feel is in his nature. Not that he isn't athletic, because he is, Oh Mr. Broome, you are.
He would rather work really hard than stroll. Do you know what I mean?
So anyway, he appeased me.
We strolled.
We strolled over two miles and Mr. Broome even challenged me to a 100 yard race. My running friends are always asking me when my husband will join me on our morning runs and I keep telling them, "his knees, oh his knees, woe his knees!"
Oh it was a lovely evening. The cool air, and a heath bar blizzard we're just the way to start the weekend.

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