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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Life from my blackberry.
Mr. Broome, I warn you now... Pedigo might make fun of you once he reads this.

Betsy doing her normal thing.

Mr. Broome shaved his untamed beard! He has a baby face! Look at that sweeeeet face!

Bananas, strawberries, peaches, milk, and vanilla yogurt.

Oops. Kbroome snuggling a delicious smoothie.

Ah hahaha- Mr. Broome oops, umm, this just got on here somehow... Betsy carries EVERYTHING into the yard...

This pup is always wanting something.

My roses- I do so much to tend to them you know?....

Oh the life of Betsy.
This post is about as random as my life has been lately. I'm going to post about the first week of marathon training tomorrow, but don't hold your breath!


Pedigo said...

hahaha the whitey tighties are hilarious, and dont blame that on betsy, you and I both know Andy did it!

Mindabelle said...

hahahahaha i love all these pics. love you kbroome!