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Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Past Week

Glen Burns says to strap a helmet on kids during tornado weather. We're not kids.
I think I'll leave it at that. If you don't know about stormy weather in the Broome house, you don't know the Broomes.

This little mama decided to build a nest in the garden. So protective of her babies, she let me get close to get a good picture.

Pretty eggs, I hope we can keep Betsy out of the garden.

Oh hey, it's me.
Bringing you a short cup ad. Have you seen these? I'm sure I'm out of the loop with these. Bed Bath and Beyond has a cup made by Copco, one for hot drinks and one for cold. I bought a cold to- go cup. My MIL has the hot one. I adore these because they look like a fast food cup, but they're plastic.
Who gets excited for a cup?

The wind has been horrendous. It knocked half of a maple into the driveway. Mr.Broome looked mad about it, but I think he was more excited than anything.
He slung a rope around it and pulled it into the field behind the house.

Betsy was not a fan of the wind. She sat under the car port all day.

That's all. Real exciting around here. Tomorrow we've been married two full years. What a great two years it has been! I'll be heading to the big city tomorrow to have lunch with Mr. Broome and back home to get ready for a fun evening.

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Pedigo said...

Yes you know Andy loved getting to use the bronco! HA HA HA too funny