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Friday, July 16, 2010

Mr. Broome was gone all week for work. I took advantage of this with full on girl time. Monday it rained. Amy spent the night with me and Betsy. Betsy anxiously awaited her arrival, but refused to go outside.

Tuesday night after dinner I had Amy, Jaime, and Jessica stay with me. These girls are so precious to me. All bridesmaids in my wedding and I just love you guys. You were so sweet to stay with me on a week night:)(I really did miss you Mr. Broome.)

Jaime and Vayda doing tricks.

Is this the sorority hall? Where's Andy? Oops, he's not here.

I would move everyone into my house if I could.. Mr. Broome likes Real Housewives as much as I do......

Wednesday night me and Britt headed down the road to Amanda's house to see Baby T and Cass. Amanda's new house was so lovely and baby friendly:)

I had to take a picture of this because Amanda is a mama and it's still hard to believe!

Well.. not too hard to believe. She is such a good mom already, and good lookin too, yes? I didn't know loving on a red headed, chubby cheeked baby could be so fun.
I had the best time with my Blvd. girls. (Also bridesmaids in my wedding.) I love how time doesn't pull people apart, but brings them together in new walks of life. I wish yall were still right down the street!(Hey remember that time I got married, went on a honeymoon, then moved into the neighborhood my roomies were still living in?) That was great:)

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