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Friday, July 2, 2010

The smell of Jergens Cherry Almond scented lotion is an instant reminder of summer for me. My childhood summers were spent in Texas, Chicago, and Louisiana. All places my grandparents lived throughout the years. My mom would take me out there as soon as school got out and we would stay for weeks with my grandparents.
My grandmother, always tan from gardening and playing tennis had the smoothest, wrinkled skin you ever felt. She always lathered on her lotion. I think that's why her skin was so soft. The smell was never anything I preferred as a kid, I just remember she always had a bottle on her counter and a few under the sink.
After she died, the first year I went to college, I found myself picking up Jergens Cherry Almond. The smell could get me lost in a daze of childhood summertime memories. I could find myself feeling tearful for no reason.
I put some on my cleanly shaven legs tonight and couldn't help but think of her. It's summer time and oh how life has changed. It has changed so much I could have never predicted it. But some things stay the same and carry on.
Like Jergens Cherry Almond Lotion.

Mom, me, and Grandma Ginnie

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