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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Long Post

Summer has been so hot, can we get on with fall please? I know it's creeping in slowly, but it's too slow. At 5:00 it's still 91 degrees and I'm over it. Done.

Mr. Broome had his first migraine this past weekend at the beach. It scared him (and me) bad. He woke from a nap as I was nudging him to shower before dinner and he stood up complaining of a bad headache. I told him to get in the shower and dressed and he would start to feel better. (Sounds like something my grandma would say)
I was wrong. Within the hour he had gotten really bad chills and vomited(ew yes vomit) and was soon telling me to help him get warm and to turn off the lights. His face was so red and he couldn't focus on any question I asked him. I've never seen him so sick before and I had no idea, not the slightest clue what was wrong. We went to the beach with our friends Ben and Leah and I was so thankful when I remembered that Leah was in nursing school. She helped us determine what he needed. They went to the drug store to get Tylenol and Gatorade while I snugged up to Mr. Broome. We weren't sure if it was a migraine, sun poisoning, or food poisoning. The next day when Mr. Broome was ready to go fishing at 6:00 am, we figured it had been a bad migraine.
Bless his heart. I was so relieved that it wasn't something worse.

Mr. Broome is reenacting the night before when he thought his head was going to explode.

Wow, I still love Mr. Broome, even after a whole summer of not blogging about it.

We had a great time with Ben and Leah and were so happy that they enjoy long days on the beach like we do.

In other news.

Enough said.
I had dinner with this friend for her birthday a few weeks ago. I love you Caroline! Me and Mr. Broome had the best time with you and Mac. I am so thankful you are only a half- hour away as opposed to a plane ride.

Oh yes, something else wonderful.

Jaime and I tried Sip and Strokes for the first time ever and loved it. Don't our pictures look amazing??

If you know Jaime, you know to love this picture. What a little scrub creating mischief at a classy art class. Come on James, am I going to have to put a leash on you next time?

That's all friends, how was THAT for a post?

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