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Monday, September 13, 2010

(Picture by Ben Johnson-2008)

Dear Mr. Broome,
Remember the first time you took me camping? I had never been before, not real camping that is. I bet you thought my pansy self was going to hate it. You were wrong weren't you? I loved it, every bit of it, and I have been ready each year to plan the next trip. Now it is our fourth year, FOURTH YEAR, to plan another trip, and we haven't even talked about plans to go. I can't imagine a fall without a camping trip. Ya hear me? Can't imagine.
After you read this you should definitely
-pick up your phone
-dial your manly, diesel driving friends
-tell them you're putting your foot down(you don't have to say it was mine)and you're ready to plan a durn camping trip
-throw caution to the wind and your need for a quiet weekend at home in between all of these weddings
-saddle up your nasty, last years Danner boots
-and get me on the road to Blueridge.
And. Some Inspiration.



(Picture by Ben Johnson)

1 comment:

Jaime K said...

I wanna come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!