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Sunday, October 3, 2010

I decided to paint the den.

Last night we had dinner with my sister in law and her fiance. They have been working on their house, painting rooms, decorating, etc. I have been wanting to do a lot to our house, but the weekends have been packed. This weekend is the ONE weekend in October that we don't have a wedding or something else to do so, I decided to take full advantage of the free time. 
I painted the den.  

All of the walls in our house are the same color. This is something I thought I would stick with when we first moved here, but the more I see other's homes the more I wish we had more color.
 This room feels more cozy now, and Mr. Broome really likes the change.
Dawn, my MIL, came over to see the progress and ended up convincing me we needed to get a few things to spruce up the room. Five pillows, one decorative plate, and a couple of bundles of potpourri leaves later we had the room done.
 I wouldn't mind some window treatments of some sort, but I'm not sure what. Maybe I'll worry about that come November:)

Hope you had a good weekend friends!


The Mrs. said...

It looks great Kirbs!! :)

Brittney said...